Seaboard Road Extension Project

Project Update

At the direction of the City Council, an environmental impact report (EIR) is being prepared. In accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act, the City published a Notice of Preparation and Scoping Meeting for an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to provide interested members of the public and public agencies an opportunity to comment in advance of the preparation of the EIR. A detailed project description is provided in the Notice of Preparation. On August 24, 2017, the application was broaden to include widening the private segment of Seaboard Road and associated development. The applicant is working on preparing a geotechnical analysis for the proposed road improvements.

Project Overview

The proposed project includes a lot line adjustment to reconfigure the property lines of four existing legal lots, construction of a new single-family residence and associated development on one of the adjusted lots and improvement of Seaboard Road from its terminus to the proposed residence. The detailed project description is provided in the Notice of Preparation of an EIR. A new Notice of Preparation of an EIR and scoping meeting will be conducted at a later time to include the road widening scope of work.

Project Plans

Environmental Documents

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