Santa Monica College - Malibu Campus Project

Project Status

Updated 4/27/23 - On April 22, 2023, a ribbon-cutting and open house was held for the Santa Monica College Malibu Campus on Civic Center Way. For more information, including photos, campus facilities, faculty, and classes available in Spring 2023, visit the website.


Update 4/27/23 - City-issued Memorandum, dated April 27, 2023

Update 2/17/23 - The Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application for the Emergency Communications Facilities tower’s use was submitted on December 7, 2022 (CUP No. 22-004). Currently, the application is incomplete and pending planning conformance review. The City is addressing concerns over the tower’s height and color scheme required by the Federal Aviation Administration with the CUP application. All work on the tower was ceased until the CUP and any other applicable permits are obtained. 

Update 4/28/22 - In the last month, an Emergency Communications Facilities tower was erected at the Santa Monica College Campus and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Substation, currently under construction in the Civic Center. The 75-foot replacement tower was built in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines, which require lights and colors, since it is adjacent to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department helipad. In response to complaints from community members, the City Council directed staff to prepare a memorandum to inform the Council and the community about the project's chronology and permits. City staff notified the Project Manager that, except for necessary safety-related work, no further work can be done on the tower, including installation of antennas, until the Conditional Use Permit is obtained, as required by Condition No. 17 of Planning Commission Resolution No. 16-30. The Project Manager agreed to stop all work.

Macro Tower Plans - Approved by the Division of State Architect (8/26/19)

Project Overview

The Santa Monica Community College District proposed a Santa Monica College (SMC) Malibu Campus located at 23555 Civic Center Way in Malibu, in the former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Station. The project includes the demolition of the existing building and the construction of a new, 2-story, above-grade, approximately 27,500 square foot educational facility, including an approximately 5,700 square foot Sheriff’s substation and Emergency Operations and Planning Center on the ground floor. 

The SMC Malibu Campus includes an interpretive center to support Legacy Park or other programs to highlight Malibu’s unique coastal environmental and cultural history. The project will also include ancillary improvements within the project site associated with pedestrian and vehicular access, surface parking, open space, landscaping improvements and relocation of onsite utilities.

Consistent with the City’s policy for Environmental Health Review of Development Projects within the Civic Center Prohibition Area, the Campus will connect to the City of Malibu’s planned wastewater treatment facility for the Civic Center area when it becomes operational.

The project received City approvals and underwent the building permit process through the State Architect Division. 

Additional Information