La Paz Ranch Project


The project has received planning approvals and building permits and is under construction. At this time, City staff is processing tenant improvements, conditional use permits for restaurant spaces, and evaluating planning clearance applications. 

Project Overview

In 2008, the City approved the La Paz Ranch 0.20 Floor Area Ratio (FAR) Development Agreement project for construction of 112,058 square feet of commercial office and retail uses, and a 20,000 square foot City Hall complex. The 0.20 FAR project provided the developer with an additional 12,941 square feet of commercial square footage, and allocated 20,000 square feet to the City of Malibu for a future City Hall complex or other municipal use to be determined by the City. For a complete project history and project scope through 2019, view the La Paz Ranch History memorandum

*Note: In 2008, a 0.15 FAR project was also approved; however, in 2016, the applicant allowed the 0.15 FAR project to expire.

Subsequently, the City processed a Coastal Development Permit Amendment and Conditional Use Permit Amendment in 2020. 

See the Documents/Resources page for all final approvals. 

Environmental Review and Technical Studies & Documents

View the La Paz Ranch Revised Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and addendums, as well as City project approvals and technical studies on the Documents/ Resources webpage. 


To be notified directly of important information regarding the La Paz Ranch project, including public hearings and meetings, email