Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

On July 20, 2015, the City Council held a public hearing and adopted Resolution No. 15-41 adopting the Findings of Fact required by the California Environmental Quality Act, certifying the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Erratum No. 1, and adopting a Statement of Overriding Consideration and Mitigation Monitoring and Report Program.

The Final EIR (SCH Number 2012041087), Erratum No. 1 to Final EIR, and the Draft EIR are available for review at Malibu City Hall and the Malibu Public Library. Copies of CDs may be purchased upon request at City Hall. Contact the Planning Department at 310-456-2489, ext. 374, to request a CD.

Final EIR

Erratum No.1 to Final EIR - June 2015

Table of Contents

Section 1.0 Introduction

Section 2.0 Response to Comments (Consolidated)

Responses to Comments (Intro only)

 A. Public Agencies

 B. Organizations

 C. Private Citizens / Individuals

 D. Oral Comments

Section 3.0 Corrections and Additions

Section 4.0 Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program

Draft EIR & Appendices

Notice of Availability of Draft EIR and Planning Commission Public Hearing

Draft EIR (Consolidated Version)

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Section 1.0 Introduction

Section 2.0 Project Description

Section 3.0 Environmental Impact Analysis Introduction

 3.1 Aesthetics

 3.2 Air Quality

 3.3. Biological Resources

 3.4 Cultural Resources

 3.5 Geology and Soils

 3.6 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

 3.7 Hazards and Hazardous Materials

 3.8 Hydrology and Water Quality

 3.9 Land Use and Planning

 3.10 Noise

 3.11 Public Services

 3.11.1 Fire Protection

 3.11.2 Sheriff Protection Services

3.12 Recreation

3.13 Transportation and Traffic

3.14 Utilities and Service Systems

 3.14.1 Electricity

 3.14.2 Natural Gas

 3.14.3 Water Supply

 3.14.4 Wastewater

 3.14.5 Solid Waste

Section 4.0 Alternatives

Section 5.0 Other CEQA Considerations

Section 6.0 Effects Found Not to be Significant

Section 7.0 References

Section 8.0 List of Preparers


1.0 Notice of Preparation (NOP)) and Comments on the NOP

 Notice of Preparation

 Comments on the NOP

3.2 Emission Calculations



 CO Hotspots

3.3. Biological Resources Documentation

 Biological Inventory Prepared January 2010

 2012 Staff Report on Protected Native Trees

 2009 Tree Report

 2011 Tree Report

 2011 Wetland Analysis

3.4 Cultural Resource Documentation (contact Staff)

3.5 Geology and Soils Documentation

 Limited Geologic and Soils Engineering Investigation

 Supplemental Report 1

 Supplemental Report 2

 Supplemental Report 3

 Supplemental Report 4

 Update Report

 Addendum 1

3.7 Hazards and Hazardous Materials Documentation

 Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

 Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Status Update Memo

3.8 Hydrology Documentation

 Drainage Study for 23401 Civic Center Way

 Water Quality Mitigation Plan

 Revised Water Quality Mitigation Plan

3.10 Noise Impact Analysis

3.12 City of Malibu Public Works and Planning Department Correspondence and the Parks and Recreation Master Plan

3.13 Traffic Documentation

 Traffic Impact Analysis

 Revised Traffic Analysis

3.14.3 Water Supply Correspondence with the LA County Department of Public Works

3.14.4 Water Reuse Analysis

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