Landscapes and Gardening

Bugs are essential

Earth Friendly landscaping at home

  • Use organic methods
  • Deter and repel pests
  • Use home exclusion methods 
  • Install raptor posts and owl boxes to encourage natural predators 
  • Install fire safe landscaping
  • Control weeds, invasive species, and non-native plants naturally  
  • Say no to poisons, pesticides, rodenticides, anticoagulants, bait boxes, and other non-natural chemicals.

Encourage Natural Predators

  • Install owl boxes or build an owl box
  • Install raptor posts
  • Provide shelter for predators and beneficial insects
  • Create a natural ecosystem in your yard
  • Install flowering plants that will attract beneficial insects

Encourage Natural Predators

Earth Friendly Management of City Facilities and ParksRaptor Post at Malibu Bluffs Park

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