Day Camps

The City of Malibu offers day camp programs to the community during the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District summer break. Camps include a variety of enrichment, sports, and surf camps.

Enrichment Camps, ages 5-10

Enrichment Camps are a great opportunity for those looking to discover new talents and utilize creativity this summer. Enrichment Camps cover a wide variety of interests and topics, including: animals, adventure, marine-life, science, dinosaurs, and LEGOs. Participants will engage in unique and specialized activities that will provide hands-on learning experiences in a fun and safe environment.


Sports camps are offered to those with a desire to learn a new sport, as well as those wanting to improve their skills and learn more advanced techniques. Sports camps will be offered for basketball, baseball, softball, flag football, volleyball, gymnastics, and soccer. Sports camps are presented in a fun and invigorating training environment and offer the core skills of each sport to ensure correct instruction by many Malibu High School Coaches.

Aspects Surf Camp, ages 7-13

Aspects Surf Camp will provide superior instruction and a dynamic curriculum while teaching the basics of surfing. Instructors will professionally teach the skills of surfing while sharing a healthy respect and awareness of the beauty and power of the ocean. Low participant to instructor ratio. Participants must be able to swim and tread water. Surfboards will be provided if needed. Check in/out will take place in the Malibu Lagoon Parking Lot. Camps will take place at Surfrider Beach Tower 3.

Day Camp Manual & Location Maps

The  2019 Day Camp Manual provides helpful camp information, including:

  • Participant Information Form (including Medical and those authorized for pick-up)
  • Site maps of Malibu High School and Malibu Bluffs Park

Participant Information Form

The Participant Information Form must be turned in on the first day of camp. One form is required for each participant and will be kept on file for the duration of the camp. The form will address any medical or health concerns, emergency contacts, adults able to pick up the participants, etc.

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