Wildlife Road Treatment & Outreach Project

Project Overview

The Wildlife Road Treatment Project prevents dry weather flows, and treats feasible volumes of wet weather flows that might otherwise discharge to the Area of Special Biological Significance (ASBS). The project included installation of a series of biofiltration swales and pre-manufactured stormwater biofiltration systems on Wildlife Road and Whitesand Pl that intercept and treat stormwater runoff.

The project also funded a Coastal Preservation Specialist to perform outreach to residents promoting water conservation, and environmental protection and preservation. The Coastal Preservation Specialist worked with Malibu residents to reduce residential water waste and help to eliminate dry weather urban runoff.

In addition to working with Malibu residents, the Coastal Preservation Specialist works with the West Basin Municipal Water District, Los Angeles County Waterworks District No. 29, and other water conservation partners to provide and market water conservation incentive programs to priority parcels in the ASBS In conjunction with its water partners, the City is promoting Surfrider Foundation's Ocean Friendly Garden (OFG) program and landscape principles.

The project was accepted as complete by the City Council in July 2015.

Project Funding

The project was funded primarily through a $540,000 grant from the State Water Resources Control Board with contributions from the City.