Corral Canyon Traffic Signal

In April 2009, the City completed its Corral Canyon Traffic Signal Project with the installation of a long-requested traffic signal at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and Corral Canyon Road

Project Details

For years, high traffic volumes and increasing travel speeds on PCH made it difficult for motorists to safely enter PCH from Corral Canyon Road, the only ingress and egress serving the residents of El Nido and the Malibu Bowl area.

PCH Photo

The new traffic signal allows motorists entering PCH from Corral Canyon Road to safely travel through a signal-controlled intersection. The project provided a public safety benefit to all motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders along this heavily traveled section of PCH.


 The project was made possible in part by funding provided by Proposition C, TEA-21, and the City of Malibu.