Process for Installing a New System

A Coastal Development Permit (CDP) must be obtained from the City for the installation of a new Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS). The City of Malibu is located within the coastal zone requiring all development in city limits to adhere to the regulations of Malibu’s Local Coastal Program (LCP).


STEP 1 - PLANNING: Coastal Development Permit

Before an application is officially submitted for a new OWTS, contact the Planning Department to discuss the requirements, obtain any checklists and forms and schedule a submittal appointment.

During the CDP review process, in addition to Planning Department review, the CDP application is reviewed by City specialists to determine requirements. Once the project has been deemed complete a Planning Commission hearing will be scheduled.

step 2 - BUILDING safety: Septic Permit

After approval of the CDP, review of the Planning Commission resolution for requirements for Septic permit issuance will include final review and approval by Planning, Environmental Health, and other required City specialists. Contact Building Safety staff for Plan Check submittal requirements.

Septic permits can only be issued to a City Registered OWTS Installer. An OWTS operating permit must be obtained prior to final inspection.