Frequent Pumping Program

All properties within Malibu city limits are subject to the policies, standards and provisions of the City’s Local Coastal Plan. Regulations for onsite wastewater treatment systems (OWTS) are contained in the Malibu Municipal Code Chapters 5.38, 15.40, 15.42 and 15.44, provisions in the City’s Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Manual and the Statewide OWTS Policy.

  • Pumping companies are required to register with the City
  • By the 15th of the following month, pumpers must submit monthly reports to


When an OWTS has been pumped out, whether completely or partially, three or more times during any 180 day period, the property owner, authorized representative, or pumping company must submit a pumping report to the City within 24 hours of pumping.

  • If the inspection demonstrates a need for a repair, modification, upgrade or replacement, the property owner must take corrective measures and obtain necessary permits to ensure that the OWTS is made fully operational.
  • If a permit is required for corrective measures, submit an application for a new or updated operating permit within 10 days of the City’s notice.