Post-Fire Flood Vulnerability Maps

Due to the extensive fire damage that resulted from the Woolsey Fire, the City’s Public Works Department prepared a series of Flood Risk & Vulnerability Maps to help guide and prioritize City emergency activities. These maps, which are now available to the general public, will help residents in vulnerable areas protect themselves by being mindful of flood hazard risks that have the potential to exist during a strong storm event. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, as a vital first responder, has participated in the development of these maps, as information was shared. 


The maps are created for emergency planning purposes based upon the available information. The City is in the process of enhancing and expanding the maps and models for other uses over time.

The map below is broken into specific areas, indicated by the numbers within the boxes. Specific neighborhoods are detailed on the additional pages of the linked PDF. Pages are able to be scaled to the property level.

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Risk and Vulnerability Map_Index
  1. Flood Risk & Vulnerability Map
  2. How the Maps Were Prepared

The Draft Post-Fire Risk & Vulnerability Map dated December 6, 2018, is the mathematical product of Flood Depth and Flow Velocity calculated in GIS based on a hypothetical six-hour, 50-year rainfall with little or no infiltration. This information was then categorized in the form of the following Flood Severity Categories (in accordance with FEMA Guidance Document 14): 

  • Lowest Risk (no color)
  • Low Risk (yellow)
  • Medium Risk (orange)
  • High Risk (red)

Areas shown in red or orange may be at a higher risk for flooding or mudflow; however, caution should be taken in all areas of the City affected by the recent fires.

In addition to the above maps, the City is currently in the process of creating similar flood models and maps for two more frequent storm events, a 10-year storm, and a 25-year storm event. The results of these models will also be posted here once they are completed.