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100% Green Power is available in Malibu. Enjoy the advantages of clean, renewable power at competitive rates. 

As part of the City's commitment to protecting the environment and building resiliency, it selected 100% Green Power as the default option for the Malibu community. This option provides an opportunity for residents and businesses to join us in being environmental champions leading the way to a greener future. Clean Power Alliance (CPA) is a locally controlled electricity provider in Southern California including Malibu and 30 other communities. CPA purchases clean power and Southern California Edison (SCE) delivers it. Clean Power Alliance offers three new, competitively-priced options for your electricity and also reinvests funds back into the community. 

What comes next? What are my options?

At any time, you can:

  • Do nothing: Enjoy 100% renewable energy serving your electricity beginning October 2020.
  • Select another rate option: 1) Clean Power providing 50% renewable content; or 2) Lean Power, providing 36% renewable content. See below for the typical customer rate comparison.
    • Use the calculator tool to see what your bill could look like with different options.
  • Low-income customers enrolled in discount programs such as CARE and FERA will be able to enjoy 100% Green Power at the same rates as they were previously paying to SCE. 
  • Customers who opt down to lower levels of renewable energy or opt out to remain with SCE can change their preferences at any time. For more information, visit or contact Clean Power Alliance at or 888-585-3788.

View Frequently Asked Questions about the program and get help Understanding Your Bill.

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Though Clean Power Alliance’s (CPA) Power Response program, residents with smart thermostats or battery energy storage systems can receive financial incentives for modifying their energy equipment use during times of peak energy demand between 4-9 PM on weekdays. Earn $100 for enrolling and get an additional $100 yearly participation reward. To learn more or enroll, visit



  • If your business remains with 100% Green Energy, promote your company and join the Green Leader Program. Benefits include access to decals and promotional materials for display and marketing, opportunities for co-promotion, recognition and networking events, assistance developing and promoting your GHG reduction metrics.
  • To learn more, visit the website or view the factsheet.
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  1. Solar Energy
  2. Electric Vehicles

Visit the Resources Library to find energy rebates and incentives. If you are considering installing solar, follow the steps below.

  1. Investigate how your home or business can be more energy efficient with the Home Energy Saver Guide (provided by US Department of Energy).
  2. Sunny roof space is required.  View the capacity of your site with Los Angeles County Solar Map.
  3. Select a qualified solar contractor. Search for contractors with California Solar Initiative (CSI) Database.
  4. Look at financing options through Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) providers:  Los Angeles County Residential (Renovate America or PACEfunding)
  5. Obtain Planning Verification (PV) Approval from City Planning Department, 310-456-2489, ext. 485
  6. Obtain a City Building Safety Permit, refer to the Guide to Plan Check Requirements & Inspection Requirements.

Energy Partnership

The City is collaborating with Southern California Edison and SoCal Gas through the West Side Energy Partnership to assist the City achieve its energy reductions goals. The partners encourage citizens to reduce energy use as a means to lowering utility bills and helping the environment.

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