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Climate change and sea-level rise are projected to impact communities across the globe. In California, nearly four dozen coastal jurisdictions have completed vulnerability assessments to understand the potential effects of sea-level rise and related hazards in order prepare for potential impacts to residences, businesses, built infrastructure, and the natural environment. 

Malibu’s Coastal Vulnerability Assessment was undertaken to provide the community details on existing coastal conditions in Malibu and highlight the future vulnerability of the City’s built and natural coastal resources and assets to projected sea-level rise, tidal inundation, storm flooding, and coastal erosion in the near- (present-2049), mid- (2050-2060), and long-term (2080-2100).


Community input is vital to the success of Malibu’s Coastal Vulnerability Assessment. The City of Malibu invites community members to participate in upcoming workshops to learn about Malibu’s Coastal Vulnerability Assessment and projected impacts of sea level rise, ask questions, and provide input. For more information, contact the Environmental Sustainability Analyst at 310-456-2489, ext. 292, or

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The City has partnered with The Bay Foundation and Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors on the Malibu Living Shoreline Project.

The Project will restore three acres of sandy beach and dune habitat at Zuma and Point Dume County Beaches, providing a cost-effective and low-impact solution to increase the resiliency of the beach shorelines.

Project Goals

  • Increase the resiliency of the shoreline through the restoration of sandy beach and foredune habitat
  • Implement landscape protection measures against sea level rise and coastal storms
  • Increase engagement of the community through enhanced beach experiences, outreach, and education
Project Sites Overview- Zuma Lagoon and Point Dume
Zuma Lagoon_Before
Zuma Lagoon_After
Point Dume_Before
Point Dume_After

Blue City Certification

The non-profit organization Project O certified the City of Malibu as a “Blue City” in 2021 through the Blue City Network, a certification process using a data-driven approach to assessing communities’ efforts towards protecting our world’s oceans. The Blue City Network is a coalition of communities from around the world that collaborate in their ongoing quest to become true champions of the environment. Malibu completed a thorough assessment of its current environmental initiatives and programs and is ranked in the Ocean Champion Tier.

“We’re honored to welcome Malibu as the newest member of the Blue City Network. This certification proves that Malibu has taken measurable action through policy and conservancy to protect the ocean and waterways.” 

-Evelina Marchetti, Project O Executive Director of Operations

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