Water Conservation

Malibu Smart Project

The City, Los Angeles County Waterworks, and West Basin Municipal Water District launched a comprehensive water conservation program in 2018. The Malibu Smart  and Topanga Smart project assisted both residential customers and businesses reduce water use. The Project partners received a $1.05 Million Prop 84 grant award to reduce water use by 87.4 acre-feet (AF) per year (1,174.5 lifetime AF) in the City of Malibu and the LA County Unincorporated area of Topanga through the installation of water saving measures in the highest use residences. View the Final Report released in December 2022.

New la county waterworks districts Water Restrictions - Now in Effect in malibu

(UPDATED JUNE 16, 2022) - As drought conditions continue to worsen in California, the Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts (LACWD) has issued mandatory water use restrictions that are now in effect for customers in the City of Malibu, which is served by Waterworks District 29. LACWD asks all customers to cut back their water use by 30%.

Outdoor and lawn watering is restricted to two days a week based on address numbering and property type:

Tuesdays and Fridays = residential even number 

- Mondays and Thursdays = residential odd number

- Mondays and Fridays = commercial 

- 10 minutes per station maximum

- Only allowed between 6:00 PM and 10:00 AM

Please note that LACWD water use restrictions may be updated at any time, so check the web page LACWaterworks.org for the complete list of rules. Those who lack Internet access or who have access and functional needs may call LACWD at 877-637-3661 for further assistance. 

Separately, the City of Malibu also prohibits spray irrigation between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, and prohibits any landscape irrigation within 48 hours of significant rainfall. See all of the City’s water conservation rules

water conservation rebates 

Rebates for grass lawn replacement, and water-saving devices and services are available for residential and commercial customers. All details and application requirements are listed on the Socal Watersmart webpage, and may be updated at any time.  

One Water Malibu

The One Water Malibu campaign aimed at getting the entire Malibu community actively involved in saving water and making water conservation a permanent lifestyle rather than a temporary response to the historic California drought. The campaign produced four videos, logos, a Sustainable Garden Gallery, and a water conservation festival that took place in June 2016.

Agent web
Beach buds web
Breakup web
Therapist web

Water Bottle Filling Stations at City Hall

The City of Malibu and West Basin Municipal Water District partnered to install two new sustainable water bottle filling stations at Malibu City Hall and provide all City staff with reusable water containers to reduce single-use plastic water bottles. The City encourages citizens to reduce the use of single-use water bottles and make the switch to reusable goods.

One Water Cup

Water Policies & Plans

The City has had strict water conservation regulations in place since 1991. In June 2015, the City modified its existing restrictions for outdoor water use.