Home Fire Safety

Every single person, no matter where they live, or what kind of home they live in, is at risk of a house fire. Common causes of fires that begin inside the home include unattended candles, cooking mishaps, faulty wiring, and flammable materials. Luckily, house fires are entirely preventable. Use the resources below to improve home fire safety for you and your family:

Use a Weed Whacker Safely

  • Have your weed whacker professionally checked and tuned before use, especially if it’s been in storage. 
  • Make sure there are no gas leaks. 
  • Take breaks so the motor does not become overheated. 
  • Use plastic blades or nylon strings instead of metal blades. Sparks caused by metal blades hitting rocks can start a fire. 
  • If you must use a metal blade, clear rocks before you begin cutting or avoid them as much as possible to prevent sparks. 
  • Do not refuel in the brush or grass. 
  • Cut in the cooler parts of the day (morning, evening, or overcast days). 
  • ALWAYS have a water source or fire extinguisher close by to put out sparks and blazes immediately.

View or download the weed whacker safety flyer. (Also available en Español.)