California Assembly Bill 3074 (AB 3074)

In 2024, the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACOFD) will begin enforcing AB 3074, a newly enacted California state law requiring the removal of all flammable materials from within five feet of any structure, space designated as “Zone 0.” LACOFD personnel will conduct outreach to inform residents on the 2024 Zone 0 requirements during this year’s required inspections.

View the full text of AB 3074 on the California Legislative Information webpage.

Home wildfire Assessment

Further assistance in preparing and complying with AB 3074 is available by requesting a free Home Wildfire Assessment offered by the City of Malibu. 

The no-cost, no-obligation Home Wildfire Assessments assist residents by providing recommendations for hardening their homes against flying embers, a major reason why homes are destroyed during a wildfire. 

To schedule an appointment for a free Home Wildfire Assessment, visit the online scheduling system. For more information, contact the Public Safety Office to speak with one of the City's Fire Safety Liaisons.