Pending WCF Applications

Pending WCF Applications Report 

The purpose of the Pending Wireless Communication Facility Application Report is to inform the public of applications pending Planning Department review. This report will be updated when the status of an application changes. 

    Pending Applications Report 

Appeal - Should you wish to appeal a Wireless Permit, please submit the appeal form, grounds for appeal, and the fee within 10 days of the date of decision. If the wireless permit is being processed as a coastal development permit, a different appeal form is required. 


To sign-up to receive an email when an the Pending WCF Application Report is updated and posted on the City's website, email Patricia Salazar at

request to review records 

If you are interested in reviewing application materials for a planning application listed on the report, please submit your request using the City's online public records portal - NextRequest. You will be prompted to set up your account and then submit your request.   

submit comments

To submit comments on a Wireless Communication Facility application, you may email the Case Planner as indicated on the report. In addition, once an application has been deemed complete, the application may be subject to a formal comment period. To be added as an interested party to an application, please email the Case Planner.