Wireless Communication Facilities Ordinance Update

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project status

Revised 11/19/2020 – City staff is currently evaluating the City’s existing Wireless Communication Facility (WCF) Ordinance, all relevant regulatory documents, federal and State laws, and public comments received to date. A virtual public workshop to solicit public comment prior to developing a draft of the ordinance is scheduled for December 16, 2020. Details on how to watch and participate are forthcoming. 

project overview

In 2016, the City Council directed staff to update the City of Malibu Wireless Communication Facility (WCF) Ordinance. The City’s WCF Ordinance is contained in Malibu Municipal Code (MMC) Chapter 17.46 and Local Coastal Program Local Implementation Plan Section 3.16. The Ordinance update attempts to address issues that residents, City staff, and wireless communications applicants have experienced during the process of proposing and siting new facilities, including existing facility upgrades throughout the City. City staff wishes to establish a transparent permitting process for WCFs and adopt other processing time rules. In addition, the code update is also necessary to bring the City’s Ordinance into compliance with federal and State laws that have been enacted since the adoption of its original ordinance in 2003.

Project Timeline

A timeline of the project starting in November 2020 is provided in the Project Timeline For information regarding past meetings, visit the Community Meetings & Public Input section below. 

The first step is to evaluate the City’s existing Ordinance, all relevant regulatory documents, federal and State laws, and public comments received to date. After this step, a public workshop will be held to provide an overview of the existing City Ordinance, federal and State regulatory frameworks related to wireless issues, and the basics of wireless communication facilities. Input will be solicited from the community on a draft ordinance and desired outcomes.

Once a public workshop is held, a draft of the ordinance will be developed and be presented the Planning Commission prior to the City Council consideration. These meetings will be public and online attendance is encouraged.  This process will occur concurrently with the public review process of the CEQA document. 

submit comments

Comments on the ordinance may be submitted to Adrian Fernandez via email at AFernandez@malibucity.org or mail to: City of Malibu Planning Department, Attn: Adrian Fernandez, 23825 Stuart Ranch Road, Malibu, CA 90265.


To be notified directly of important information regarding the WCF Ordinance Update, including public hearings and meetings, email the Planning Department at psalazar@malibucity.org  or call 310-456-2489, ext. 245.

Community Meetings & Public Input