Floodplain Management

Appeal Process

There is a 90-day calendar appeal period, in which property owners may challenge FEMA on the revised draft floodplain maps with technical information, by emailing Rob Duboux. The appeal period begun on August 9, 2017 and will end November 6, 2017. If an Interested party would like to submit an appeal, they may do so by following the criteria provided by FEMA and would need to be submitted prior to the November 6, 2017 deadline.

Data and reports FEMA utilized in their analysis may be requested by contacting Rob Duboux or Brandie Ayala.

Public Outreach Meeting

A public outreach meeting was held on Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 6:30 p.m., at Malibu City Hall. Additional details are available on the meeting flyer.


The City of Malibu is a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This program provides subsidized flood insurance for all property owners, provided that the local government institutes adequate land use and development control measures for preventing and reducing property damage from flooding. In addition, the City must ensure that projects within the floodplain comply with FEMA regulations and the Malibu Municipal Code.

Current floodplain maps can be viewed on the FEMA website.

New FEMA Floodplain Maps

Sections of Malibu along the coastline are currently being evaluated and re-mapped within the new preliminary flood hazard zones by FEMA. These maps represent an important step towards increasing public safety by better equipping residents and property owners to make decisions about protecting themselves and their properties.

With these maps, residents and businesses have up-to-date, reliable, Internet accessible information about their flood risk on a property-by-property basis. Community planners, engineers, builders and others will be better able to make important determinations about where and how new structures and developments are built.

Visit the FEMA - Los Angeles Open Coast website to view the new maps and learn more about flood risk for specific property addresses.

Public Input

The maps are considered preliminary until they are adopted in the Summer of 2018. A Public Appeal Period has begun on August 9, 2017 and will run for 90 days. During this appeal period, residents may submit appeals and protests if they disagree with the maps and believe an error has been made. Property owners who want to appeal are required to submit the scientific or technical data intended to negate or contradict FEMA’s findings to Malibu’s Floodplain Administrator.

At the end of the Appeal Period, the City will evaluate all appeals and submit its findings to FEMA. Once FEMA reviews all appeals and protests and incorporates any needed map changes, a Letter of Final Determination will be issued. Six months later, the maps will be adopted and become effective, as will any new flood insurance requirements. However, starting immediately, the City intends to use these flood hazard maps to help determine requirements for construction and development.

The City will conduct a series of community meetings to inform the public about these proposed map revisions.


For information regarding flood zones, flood insurance, Special Flood Hazard Area regulations, or copies of elevation certificates, contact the City's Public Works Department.