Public Records

As the compliance officer for the California Public Records Act, the City Clerk manages access to public records. The City of Malibu utilizes OnBase, a specialized software product that allows for the scanning and storage of City documents, as well as easy access to those documents by City staff and the public.

Catalog of Enterprise Systems as required by Government Code Section 6270.5.

The Planning Department is in possession of Los Angeles County Tax Assessor building records. A property owner seeking to obtain these records may visit the Planning public counter during regular business hours and provide the following to staff: 1) valid identification; or 2) a notarized letter of authorization permitting a property owner’s agent to receive these records on their behalf. 

Access Public Records Online

Through OnBase, the community can research and access a variety of City documents online, including recorded documents, City Council and Commission agendas, minutes, and resolutions, as well as building permits, geology reports, and septic approvals. Click on the OnBase button below to start searching records.

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For assistance using OnBase, contact the City Clerk’s Office at


The City of Malibu utilizes NextRequest to accept and process public records requests. NextRequest allows requesters to create an account and log in to view your request, messages, and any documents that have been released. Click on the NextRequest button below to submit your request first, then you will be prompted to set up your account. 

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For assistance using NextRequest, contact NextRequest support at