Public Works / Engineering



The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and improvements of the public infrastructure, including streets, storm drains, stormwater treatment facilities, and sidewalk/trails within the public right-of-way, as well as all disaster recovery, landslide repairs, and traffic engineering. The department manages the Capital Improvement, Flood Plain Management, and Congestion Management Programs. The department issues permits and provides field inspection for all activities within the public right-of-way, and is responsible for maintenance of the City's fleet vehicles.

The department reviews all new development/redevelopment applications for traffic impacts, flood hazards, drainage impacts, new land subdivisions (Tract and Parcel Maps, Certificates of Compliance, Lot Mergers, and Lot Line Adjustments), and private road and bridge improvement plans.

The City Engineer is responsible for reviewing and signing all new Capital Project design plans. Engineering Services oversees the Plan Records and Assessment District formation and management.

Department staff provide administrative support for the Public Works Commission and Public Safety Commission.