Council Ad Hoc Committees

The City Council may from time to time choose to establish an ad hoc committee, comprised of two members of the City Council, to provide Council support and participation in addressing specific issues facing the City.

The following is a list of current City Council Ad Hoc Committees and the Councilmembers that make up each committee:

  • City Council Policy Review Ad Hoc Committee (Silverstein / Stewart)
  • Development Services Ad Hoc Committee (Uhring / Riggins)
  • Edge Properties Ad Hoc Committee (Riggins / Stewart)
  • Road Race Policy Ad Hoc Committee (Grisanti / Riggins)
  • School District Separation Ad Hoc Committee (Grisanti / Riggins)
  • School Safety Ad Hoc Committee (Silverstein / Grisanti)
  • Sheriff's Substation Ad Hoc Committee (Grisanti / Stewart)
  • Short-Term Rental Ad Hoc Committee (Silverstein / Riggins)

An ad hoc committee will be dissolved once its specific task has been completed. Updated appointments to Ad Hoc Committees, when necessary, are tentatively scheduled to be made at the first City Council meeting in January of each year. following a General Municipal Election.