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Report a Water Waster


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    1. Community members are the eyes and ears of Malibu. Whenever you see water being wasted - a broken irrigation pipe, a malfunctioning sprinkler, a faucet left running, or other similar event – you should take action.
    2. The most effective action is to speak directly with the property owner, whether a neighbor or nearby business. Let them know what you have observed. In many instances the property owner may not be aware of an issue with their irrigation or water system, or that their water practices are not allowed by the City. As a community, we must work together to save our valuable water resources.
    3. Malibu residents may also report water wasters using this online form. Complete the form to report the issue. City staff will respond to all reports and offer assistance in resolving water issues. Staff will not provide feedback to you regarding the specific actions taken. If you observe the water misuse again after 14 days, please submit another report. The City will monitor repeat offenders and act accordingly. The City will always keep the identity of those submitting a report strictly confidential.