Is car washing or watering outdoor plants prohibited?

No. However, residents may not allow fluids to runoff of their property because the runoff can enter the storm drain system or deposit pollution on the street that will be carried to the ocean with the next rain. These runoff restrictions derive from the requirements in the Federal Clean Water Act, the California Water Code Section 13000 et. seq., the California Ocean Plan, and the Los Angeles Region Water Quality Control Plan (also referred to as the Basin Plan).

These regulations are implemented locally through Malibu's Municipal Code (MMC), including the following sections:

  • MMC Section 9.08.060, Causing or permitting certain substances to flow onto highways or into drainage channels prohibited
  • MMC Section 13.04.060, Stormwater management and discharge control - Prohibited activities
  • MMC Section 13.04.080, Requiring good housekeeping practices
  • MMC Section 8.28.020, Duty of owner or possessor of property
  • MMC Section 9.20.020, Regulation of irrigation practices
  • MMC Section 9.20.030, Regulation of exterior washing practices

The requirements for new landscaping can be found in MMC Section 9.22.090, Landscape water conservation design standards.

MMC, Title 1

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