When is the deadline to apply to rebuild?

Fire rebuild applications must be submitted to the Planning Department by November 8, 2021 (three years from the date of damage or destruction) if the applicant wishes to maintain any previously existing legal non-conformities, such as a house sited within normally required setbacks, etc., and a building permit must be diligently pursued and obtained within five years from the date of damage or destruction. A request for an extension of time to the three-year or five-year periods may be granted by the Planning Commission where it finds, based on substantial evidence, that due to unusual circumstances, strict compliance with the three- or five-year limit creates an undue hardship. Extensions may not total more than six years. Applications submitted more than three years from the date of damage or destruction may still be exempt from having to apply for a CDP; however, they may not maintain any previously existing non-conformities. Learn more about the fee waiver and important deadlines.

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4. When is the deadline to apply to rebuild?
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