Potential Malibu Unified School District


Since before Malibu's incorporation, Malibu youth and children attended schools that are part of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD). In recent years, school families and community groups in Malibu have expressed the desire to separate from SMMUSD to form a separate Malibu Unified School District (MUSD). Among reasons for separated expressed by Malibu residents is the concern that Malibu is not adequately represented by the SMMUSD Board of Education, and that the needs of Malibu schools and their students differ greatly from those of their counterpart schools in Santa Monica, resulting in differing opinions on how district-wide funding should be raise, approved, and allocated.

Malibu City Council actions taken to begin the process of forming the MUSD include:

  • September 16, 2015: Adopted Resolution No. 15-60 authorizing transmission of a petition for unification of a Malibu Unified School District to the Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools.
  • November 23, 2015: Authorized the Mayor to send a letter to SMMUSD Board of Education requesting that it place an item on an upcoming agenda, as quickly as possible, in support of placing the unification of a MUSD on the ballot for the next available SMMUSD election and in support of forming a committee to settle SMMUSD separation
  • December 14, 2015: Referred to the City Manager selection of community members to be recommended to the SMMUSD Board of Education for appointment to a new committee expected to be established by the Board, which will be tasked with negotiating the terms for splitting SMMUSD into two separate school districts

Malibu Unification Negotiations Committee

In January 2016, the formation of a Malibu Unification Negotiations Committee (MUNC) was ratified by the Malibu City Council and the SMMUSD Board of Education. The purpose of MUNC is to engage in negotiations in an effort to resolve financial concerns regarding unification of a separate MUSD.

MUNC Members

The MUNC consists of six members, three representing SMMUSD and three representing the potential MUSD:

SMMUSD Representatives

  • Tom Larmore
  • Debbie Mulvaney
  • Paul Silvern

MUSD Representatives

  • Makan Delrahim (resigned January 2016)
  •  Laura Rosenthal
  • Manel Sweetmore

MUNC Meetings

The location of MUNC meetings alternated between Malibu City Hall and the SMMUSD office in Santa Monica. All meetings were open to the public. Meeting details and agendas are posted on the MUNC webpage found on the SMMUSD website