City Council and Planning Commission meetings are being conducted in a hybrid format that allows the public to participate in-person or remotely. Please review the agenda at for instructions on how to participate in a City Council or Planning Commission meeting. The Zoom Webinar link is printed on the agenda.  

All other Commission meetings are being conducted fully in-person. These in-person meetings will be held at City Hall, typically in the Multi-Purpose Room or the Council Chambers/Theater. Please check each Commission Agenda for meeting location. Commission meetings will no longer be live streamed, except the Planning Commission. 

To find agendas for City Council or Commission meetings visit the agenda center, click here.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION for all advisory bodies 

The City of Malibu welcomes public input, members of the public are invited to participate in all Malibu public meetings (City Council, City Commissions, etc). Members of the public can participate via two options:

Option 1: Live in-person at the meeting location and completing a Request to Speak Form and submitting to the recording secretary. 

Option 2: By advance submission of written (email) correspondence. Correspondence received in writing will be part of the official meeting record. Please be sure to indicate:

  1. Name (optional)
  2. Agenda item you are submitting correspondence on

Always refer to the agenda for instructions for the specific meeting you are interested in.


Members of the public have a third option for remote public participation through the Zoom application for City Council and Planning Commission meetings only.

Option 3: In order to participate remotely, you must be present in the Zoom Webinar during the item that you would like to speak on and use the “Raise Hand” feature to request to speak when the Mayor/Chair calls the item. 

When you join the Zoom Webinar you may see a pop-up asking you to enter an email address, but a valid email address is not required. Be advised that those participating via Zoom do so at their own risk; remote participants should not expect the meeting to be cancelled or continued due to the inability of some members of the public to access the remote meeting.  

If you would like to learn how to use Zoom before the meeting, you can go to  Zoom Video Tutorials page.

Always refer to the agenda for instructions for the specific meeting you are interested in.

Requests to display media during a Council meeting should be directed to Parker Davis at (310) 456-2489 ext. 287 or Material must be submitted by 12:00 PM on the meeting day.

Anyone experiencing difficulty connecting to the live Zoom meeting may contact Parker Davis, Media Technician, at 424-395-6433 for assistance.


All City Council and Planning Commission meetings can be viewed three ways: