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Fire Services
Fire services within the City of Malibu and the unincorporated Los Angeles County areas around Malibu are provided by the County of Los Angeles Fire Department through four local fire stations:

Fire Station #70
Fire Station #88
3970 Carbon Canyon Rd 23720 Malibu Rd
310-456-2513 310-456-2812

Fire Station #71 Fire Station #99 
28722 Pacific Coast Hwy 32550 Pacific Coast Hwy 
310-457-2578 310- 457-3706

(Phone numbers listed are business office numbers only. In an emergency, dial 911.)

Forestry Division:
The Fire Department's Forestry Division provides natural resource management services and programs, including information about brush clearance, vegetation management, and fire danger. The Division also provides guidelines and reviews landscape and irrigation plans submitted by the property owner for approval before construction or remodel.

Fire Prevention & Inspection

The Forestry Division provides vital information regarding fire prevention in and around your home. For fire prevention information or to schedule an inspection, call 818-880-0341. Visit the Forestry Division website for Plan Check guidelines, allowable plants lists and more at:

Brush Clearance 
Browse through vital information from the Forestry Division on brush clearance required for fire prevention on and around your property.

Los Angeles County Fire Department Strategic Plan

"Engineering our Future" is a multi-year plan of goals, strategies, and projects to deliver the best possible public safety services. View the Los Angeles County Fire Department Strategic Plan.

Safety Preparedness
General information on safety preparedness, including winter and summer safety tips, drowning prevention, earthquake readiness, and more, can be found on the Fire Department website at

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Los Angeles County Fire Department
Central Region, Division VII Headquarters
3970 Carbon Canyon Road
Malibu, CA 90265-5005

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