In response to a growing homeless population in Malibu, the City has increased its measures to address homelessness and its impacts on the community. Some of those measures include development of a strategic plan, increased participation in events to aid the homeless, and the formation of a working group to strengthen cooperation between the various agencies and organizations providing assistance within the community.

Homelessness Strategic Plan


The City secured a $50,000 grant in October 2017 from Los Angeles County to help fund the development of a Homelessness Strategic Plan. 

The goals of the Homelessness Strategic Plan are to assist homeless individuals in a more effective way, mitigate public health and public safety impacts, and align Malibu’s local efforts with those of the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative. Since 2016, two dedicated, full-time outreach workers from the non-profit The People Concern have been conducting outreach and offering services to the homeless population in Malibu, funded for the first two years by The Malibu Task Force on Homelessness with a contribution from the City. The program was fully funded by the City as of July 2018.

The Homelessness Strategic Plan was presented for review and comment at a community meeting on May 24, 2018. The Plan was unanimously adopted by the City Council at its Regular meeting on June 25, 2018.

Malibu Awarded Grant to Increase Housing Navigation Services for Homeless

Following a competitive application process, the City of Malibu was awarded $76,660 in January 2019 under the 2018 Cities’ Homelessness Plan Implementation Grants to fund a Housing Navigator Position as a pilot project for the People Concern Malibu Homeless Outreach Team. The Housing Navigator will provide individualized support to people experiencing homelessness by helping each client develop a plan to address their barriers to housing, increase their income, and maintain and sustain permanent housing. Housing Navigators also spend time building relationships with landlords and educating them regarding the housing voucher program, which is crucial to increasing available housing opportunities for those experiencing homelessness.

Safety Concerns

If you have an immediate safety concern, call 911 or the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station at 310-456-6652.

  1. Encampments and Fires
  2. Used Needles
  3. Hepatitis A

Homeless encampments are monitored by outreach groups and the Sheriff's Department. Eviction measures are taken when necessary. All outdoor campfires are illegal within the Malibu city limits. If you see a fire, call 911.

In May 2018, the City implemented its Encampment Management Initiative, which will have the Sheriff’s Department clearing encampments on a monthly basis.

Outreach & Support

There are several organizations providing direct services to the homeless population in Malibu:

  1. The People Concern
  2. Homelessness Working Group
  3. Malibu C.A.R.T.
  4. St. Joseph Center
  5. LA Homeless Services Authority

The People Concern is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides comprehensive, coordinated services to homeless individuals throughout Los Angeles County. 

Monthly Reports

The People Concern files monthly reports to inform the City and community of the services provided in Malibu, including statistics for the current month, year-to-date, and cumulative outcomes since the program started in September 2016.

View Most Recent Monthly Report | View All Monthly Reports

The People Concern 2018 Impact Report

Pilot Program

In 2016, the City issued a grant to the Malibu Task Force on Homelessness (MTFH), an independent organization of community volunteers, to help fund a pilot project to bring professional services to Malibu's homeless population. MTFH entered into an agreement with The People Concern to bring two, full-time outreach workers from The People Concern to Malibu daily in order to locate, engage, and build relationships with homeless individuals in Malibu. They then connected the individuals with a fully-integrated system of care – including mental and medical health care, substance abuse services, and permanent supportive housing – provided by The People Concern and tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

As of September 30, 2018, the outreach team has successfully moved 33 homeless Malibu residents into permanent housing. An additional 15 individuals are currently in interim housing. Since the program began, more than 30 of the outreach team's clients received or were approved for housing vouchers, putting them on the path to permanent housing.

Beginning in July 2018, the City established a budget line item to directly fund its homelessness programming, including full funding of the outreach program provided by The People Concern. 

To leave a message for the Outreach Team about a particular homeless individual in need of non-emergency assistance, call 310-460-2638 or email MalibuOutreach@ThePeopleConcern.org


  1. Meals for Homeless
  2. Homeless Connect Day
  3. Homeless Count

The County of Los Angeles has agreed to allow local organizations to serve regular meals to homeless individuals within the Malibu community at the former Los Angeles County Superior Courthouse (located at 23525 Civic Center Way). 

Beginning September 2018, dinners are being served at the Courthouse twice each month. Meals are prepared and served by caring local residents, faith groups, and non-profit organizations. Outreach and support services will be made available at the dinners to those individuals interested in receiving additional assistance.

How You can help

  • Donate to local non-profit and outreach organizations providing support for the homeless population
  • Volunteer at local shelters and food pantries
  • Volunteer for the next Homeless Count (TheyCountWillYou.org)