Rick Mullen

City Council
Title: Councilmember

Lou La MonteRick Mullen was elected to the City Council in in November 2016. His term will expire in November 2020. He served as Mayor from February to December 2018.

Councilmember Mullen has been a Malibu resident since 1990, arriving just before the City was incorporated. He is married to lifelong resident Jenny Ball and has two children, Marshall and Tatiana.

Councilmember Mullen 
is a Captain in the Los Angeles County Fire Department assigned to Fire Station 72 in Decker Canyon. During his 20 years in the Fire Department, he has been assigned to three of the four stations within the City of Malibu.

Mayor  Mullen 
is a former President of the Paradise Cove Homeowners Association and former Malibu Public Safety Commissioner, and currently serves as President of the Ramirez Canyon Preservation Fund. He is a retired Marine Corps Colonel with 30 years of active and reserve service.

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