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Bid Title: Call to Artists - Outside the Box, Art Utility Box Program
Category: Other Professional Services
Status: Closed
Bid Recipient: Kristin Riesgo, Community Services Deputy Director


The City of Malibu and Cultural Arts Commission is looking for talented artists to bring their vision and craft to the City’s utility boxes.  Selected artists will design original art to cover either a traffic signal or a wastewater treatment box in the Civic Center area of Malibu.  By creatively transforming a typically mundane structure into a work of art, the painted utility boxes will broaden each viewer’s understanding of the Malibu culture and environment while spotlighting local art. The power in this art lies in its ability to intrigue, stir emotion and inspire.  

The selected artist will be paid $250 for supplies at the beginning of the project and $1,000 after completion of the project for their original art per utility box.  The total amount must cover all of the artist’s costs including artwork, supplies, installation and touch-ups if needed for two years.

Application and Guidelines:
The City will accept an online application form, which may be submitted through the website. Guidelines may also be obtained through the website. 
Publication Date/Time:
3/26/2019 4:00 PM
Closing Date/Time:
5/17/2019 4:00 PM
Contact Person:
Kristin Riesgo, Community Services Deputy Director, 456-2489 ext. 350;
Plan & Spec Available:

1. Artwork will be selected based on the quality of design and must have a two-year life expectancy. Artists should consider aesthetically pleasing themes taking into account the use of color and how the design would relate to the surrounding environment in which they will be placed. Artwork designs should be original and one-of-a-kind.

2. Outside murals are subject to the harshest environmental conditions and thus must be painted with high-quality colorfast paint with proven ability to maintain colorfastness for two years. The artist will be responsible for prepping and painting the utility box. Selection of paints is up to the artist, but each design shall be covered with a clear coat of an environmentally sensitive sealant product similar to Valspar 100% acrylic latex clear protector. Artists are expected to provide manufacturer’s specifications on chosen materials with their proposal. Materials, colors used, and design will be to the approval of the City of Malibu.

3. The City will apply an anti-graffiti clear coat to protect the art upon completion.

4. The art cannot restrict any vents or airflow through the boxes, locks or handles. City maintenance crews must be able to fully access the components inside the box at all times.

5. Size of design is dependent upon the size of the utility box. Artwork may not extend on to the surrounding asphalt roadway, sidewalk, etc.

6. The artist is welcome to sign the piece, but the signature can be no larger than a 3” x 5” area and must be near the bottom of the box.

7. Art installation must be completed during dry weather.

8. Artist must remain on site until the clear protector coat dries.

9. Due to the City’s commitment to the environment, artists must have materials on hand to immediately clean up products if there is a spill, including absorbent materials and cloths. Plan for response and cleanup must be described in the proposal.

10. Artist must plan for disposing of dirty water without dumping it in to the gutter, storm drain or stream. Landscaped areas are acceptable if paint is water based. If paint is oil based, artist must propose an acceptable alternative disposal that does not harm the environment.

11. The City of Malibu has designated the following utility boxes to be painted.
a. Traffic signal box located on Malibu Canyon Road and Civic Center Way.
b. Traffic signal box located on Winter Canyon Road and Civic Center Way.
c. Traffic signal box located on Webb Way and Civic Center Way.
d. Waste Water Treatment Box at Cross Creek Road and Civic Center Way.

The project is open to artists in the region encompassing Malibu and the surrounding area.
Special Requirements:
1. Completed Application Form

2. Contact Information: Include name, address, email and phone number.

3. Project Approach: Articulate design concept, anticipated maintenance requirements, estimated timing, and choice of materials (including manufacturer specifications). (600 word max.)

4. Project Proposal: Provide visual representation of your designs for the utility box. Designs should show the intended vision for each piece, but do not need to be the final artwork. The Cultural Arts Commission will approve the finalized design with the selected artist at the site before the work begins.

5. Spill Response Plan: Please explain how you will cleanup a spill to prevent any paint or other materials from entering the storm drain and how you will dispose of dirty water. (300 word max.)

6. Resume and References: Provide current resume detailing professional artistic accomplishments and 1-2 references with contact information.

7. Image References: Provide digital images JPEG or PDF of relevant artwork (minimum 3, maximum 10). An image list should include the image number, title, media, size, date, location (if applicable), and description of work, including awards if applicable for each piece.

8. Contract and Liability: An artist cannot begin painting the selected utility box until all liability and contract forms are completed and submitted to the City, and the design has been approved. Artists under the age of 18 must have all of the required forms signed by a parent or guardian.

Materials submitted will not be returned; please do not provide originals. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The City will accept the Art Utility Box Program Online Application.

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