Short-Term Rental Ordinance

Project Status

Last Updated 11/25/20


On September 29, 2020, the City Council voted to adopt Ordinance No. 486 (Enforcement Ordinance), which creates a new STR Permit system to regulate the short-term rental of residential property. 

Effective January 15, 2021, the short-term rental of residential property can only be conducted in accordance with a valid STR Rental Permit. Information regarding the application process is coming soon. 


On November 23, 2020, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 472 (Hosted STR Ordinance) to establish provisions to regulate short-term rental of property citywide which include, but are not limited to, requiring the presence of an onsite host during short-term rentals, primary residency requirements and multifamily restrictions. On November 5, Council conducted the first reading of the Hosted Ordinance and adopted Resolution No. 20-51, amending Local Coastal Program (LCP) Land Use Plan (LUP) Chapter 5 accordingly. See the November 23 staff report and November 5 staff report for more information on the Hosted STR Ordinance. .

The Hosted STR Ordinance involves an LCP amendment (LCPA) and Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) to the Malibu Municipal Code. The Hosted Ordinance regulations cannot go into effect until the LCPA is certified by the California Coastal Commission.


As part of the General Municipal Election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Malibu voters were ask to vote on “Measure T” to decide whether the Transient Occupancy Tax paid by hotel and other lodging guest should be increased from 12% to 15%. Measure T required a majority of votes cast (50%+1) in order to pass. According to the uncertified results from Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, Measure T was approved by Malibu voters. On December 14, 2020, the Los Angeles County election results are scheduled to be formally received by the City Council after which staff will initiate a public information campaign to notify the community of the rate increase.

For questions regarding the City's Transient Occupancy Tax program, please contact the Finance Division at 310-456-2489.


Report a nuisance related to a short-term rental in your neighborhood by calling the Short-term Rental Hotline at 310-456-2489 ext. 308 or emailing Please leave a message or send an email including the rental address, the nature of the nuisance, and any other pertinent details. Code Enforcement staff will respond to the calls the next business day. If you need more immediate assistance, call the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station at 310-456-6652. As always, in an emergency, residents should call 911.

Community Meetings & Public Input 

A detailed history of the project starting in 2019 is provided in the Short-Term Rental Ordinance Staff Memorandum. For additional information, visit the Community Meetings & Public Input section below.