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Local Coastal Program

Local Coastal Program

The entire City of Malibu is located within the California coastal zone, which means that all development and activity occurring within city limits (unless considered exempt) is subject to the regulations of the City’s Local Coastal Program (LCP).  LCPs contain the ground rules for protecting sensitive coastal resources and public access along the entire coastline of California. LCPs are required for all jurisdictions located within the coastal zone and the California Coastal Commission (CCC) is tasked with overseeing certification of those LCPs before they become law at the local level.  Likewise, any amendments to an LCP must first be certified by the CCC before taking effect. Malibu’s LCP was certified in 2002 and grants the City authority to review and approve coastal development permits (CDPs) at the local level. The City’s Planning Commission is delegated with this authority and, in some instances, the Planning Director as well.  Appeals are considered by the City Council and, in some instances, may also be reviewed by the CCC. Functioning similar to the City’s General Plan and Zoning Code (Title 17 of the Municipal Code), the City’s LCP regulates zoning and land use. The primary difference is that the LCP is an extension of State law (i.e., California Coastal Act) implemented at the local level. As a result, the policies and regulations of the LCP supersede any policy or regulation of the City’s General Plan or Zoning Code in the event there is a conflict between the documents.  Zoning is administered through the LCP Local Implementation Plan (LIP), and land use is administered through the LCP Land Use Plan (LUP). Combined, the two documents constitute the City’s LCP.   

Local Coastal Program Updates:

To view adopted City Council resolutions and ordinances and a status of each LCP amendment, visit the
LCP's Code Alert webpage.  

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