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Coastal Engineering
Electronic Submittal
The City implemented a paperless office system to reduce paper use, increase efficiency, and provide a more effective way for staff and clients to interact. All reports and documents with associated maps and cross-sections must be submitted in PDF format on a single CD.
  • Coastal Engineering Report SubmittalProcedures for Report Submittal
  • Applicants must provide a valid email address for correspondence with the City
  • All documents shall be a minimum of size 10 font
  • Reports must be stamped and signed by the consultant
  • Submittals must be accompanied by a stamped and signed Signature Form
  • Clearly label the CD with the following information:
    • Project address and Assessor's Parcel Number
    • Name and address of consultant preparing the report
    • Space to add the Project Number (e.g., Planning File: ______)
  • Applications, Forms, and Fees

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