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Environmental Sustainability
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The Environmental Sustainability Department brings focus and a defined purpose to the City's commitment to the protection and sustainable use of the natural and built environments through the development and enforcement of reasonable and effective ordinances, practices, and policies, as well as fostering an aggressive component of public outreach and education, and cooperation with internal and external agencies, community and business groups, and environmental organizations.

The Department provides a system of management, supervision and support for the following programs: Building Safety, Wastewater Management, Clean Water, and Solid Waste Management. 

US Geological Survey Presentation on the Impacts of Sea Level Rise in Malibu
Dr. Juliette Hart of the US Geological Survey gave a presentation during the City Council meeting of September 11, 2017 about the potential impacts of sea level rise on the Malibu coastline in the near future due to climate change and other factors. Impacts could include extreme beach erosion, destruction of coastal homes and properties, destruction of public infrastructure, cliff failures, coastal flooding, unsafe conditions on beaches and shoreline areas, and saltwater intrusion into aquifers. The presentation is available here. 

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Environmental Programs
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Water Resources
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Environmental Sustainability Director / Building Official
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