Point Dume Traffic Management Plan

Project Description

The City is creating a Traffic Management Plan for the Point Dume neighborhood area intended to recommend traffic safety features that will reduce vehicle speeds and improve safety for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. Public input will play a vital role in identifying and selecting recommended improvements.

Community Meetings/Workshops

  • Community Meeting Number 1 (November 12, 2015) - View Meeting Agenda and Staff Presentation
  • Community Meeting Number 2 (February 23, 2016) - Discussed current traffic conditions and the Traffic Management Plan. Provided responses to input received during first community meeting. View Meeting Agenda and Staff Presentation.
  • Community Meeting Number 3 (June 16, 2016) - Update on recent traffic improvements, including speed humps, speed feedback signs, reduction of speed limits, edge line striping, and crosswalk striping. Discussion of removing private encroachments within the public right-of-way.
  • Community Survey - The City conducted an online survey to receive input from the neighborhood to help identify and select safety improvements that meet the needs and concerns of the residents. Paper surveys were also mailed to every address in Point Dume. Results were used for the ongoing development of the Traffic Management Plan.