Dark Sky Ordinance

Dark sky ordinance

On October 15, 2018, the City’s Dark Sky Ordinance went into effect

The ordinance is aimed at reducing light pollution in order to protect wildlife, habitats and Malibu’s rural coastal village character.


The City Council unanimously approved the ordinance in April 2018 in order to preserve Malibu’s rural character and quality of life, protect wildlife and habitats from light pollution, preserve enjoyment of the night-time sky, and promote the City’s goal of conserving energy and natural resources. Print or download the complete Dark Sky Ordinance. The ordinance regulates outdoor lighting through the adoption of comprehensive citywide outdoor lighting standards into Title 17 (Zoning) of the Malibu Municipal Code. The ordinance aims to:

  • Provide safe and effective levels of outdoor lighting;
  • Curtail light pollution to preserve enjoyment of the nighttime sky and the City’s rural environment;
  • Avoid impacts to wildlife and natural habitats; and 
  • Promote the City’s goal of conserving energy and natural resources.


  • Print or download the What you need to know - Outdoor Lighting Basics handout.
  • Outdoor light fixtures that are fully shielded, directed downward and do not exceed 850 lumens.
  • Maximum Kelvin temperature of 3000 K.
  • Requirements for motion detectors, string lights and allowable light trespass from property lines.
  • Additional lighting requirements based on zoning districts.