Building Safety Month

Building Safety Month is a public awareness campaign to help citizens understand what it takes to create and sustain safe structures. As part of its participation, the City of Malibu will offer a "Tip of the Day" on Facebook, Twitter @MalibuEnviroDpt, and Instagram @KeepItCleanMalibu. View the Building Safety Month Tips for 2018.

This year's theme: Building Codes Save Lives

Founded by the International Code Council, this campaign is celebrated by jurisdictions worldwide because they understand the need for safe and sustainable structures where we live, work and play.

The campaign reinforces the need for adoption of:

  • modern, model building codes
  • strong and efficient system of code enforcement
  • well-trained, professional workforce

weekly themes

  1. week 5
  2. Week 1
  3. week 2
  4. week 3
  5. week 4

Week 5 // May 27-31, 2018
Improving Education & Training Standards for a Safer Tomorrow

May 27 - Building Safety Month Week 5: Sharpen the tools in the toolbox – You can never go wrong improving your current set of skills and knowledge. Visit the ICC Learning Center.

May 28 - Increase your productivity – Well educated employees are the most productive and display high quality performance levels.

May 29 - Training Improves employee morale – Feeling more confident in your skills and abilities improves your overall attitude towards work.

May 30 - Increase your knowledge and skills and lessen the chances of errors on the job.

May 31 - Become a strong asset for your organization. Acquire skills and efficiency during training. Visit the ICC Learning Center for online courses.