Alerts & Emergency Notifications


The City of Malibu offers current updates to traffic and emergency situations through several outlets. Notifications include minor incidents such as road closures, traffic accidents, weather advisories, and utility advisories.

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This system is not used as a mass notification platform, such as catastrophic earthquake, fire, or life threatening disaster. For these scenarios we utilize EVERBRIDGE, which is only activated under severe circumstances. All landline phones are automatically registered, however, cell phones and email addresses must be entered manually. Click here to sign up additional devices for Everbridge.

Mass Disaster Notifications (Everbridge)

In the event of a emergency situation that poses imminent threats to public health and safety, or when evacuations are ordered, the City of Malibu will utilize the Everbridge mass notification system to notify the community. All landline phone numbers within city limits are automatically entered into the Everbridge database. 

It is strongly recommended that all residents and businesses register their preferred contact method (i.e. cell phone number, email address, etc.) into Everbridge. This will quickly provide you with potentially life saving information.

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