Adult Sports Programs

  1. Adult Co-Ed Softball League
  2. Adult Open Gym Basketball
  3. Adult Tennis


The City of Malibu offers a Coed Adult Softball League for Summer (July-August) and Fall (September-November). Games are played on Sundays at Malibu Bluffs Park. Registration for Fall 2021 (8 teams maximum) is available at

A minimum of 12 players is required per roster, and four women must be present at each game.  Maximum roster size is 18 players. Managers may add/drop players until the third week of the season. 

Roster Card

2021 Fall Adult Softball League Game Schedule

2021 Fall Adult Softball Handbook *Updated September 13, 2021
*Updates on page 6 (eligible players for playoffs) and page 11 (bats).

Online Form for Bat Approval

  • Friday, September 17 - Deadline for September 19 games
    Friday, September 24 - Deadline for September 26 games
    Friday, October 1 - Deadline for remainder of the season

ASA Composite Bat List

fall 2021 standings as of 10/25/21

1. Malibu Fitness501
2. Malibu Rockstars240
3. Pitches Be Crazy411
4. Sig Ep Sluggers060
5. Szechuan Market402
6. Team Passages15
Fall 2021 Adult Softball Flyer Social

City of malibu adult sports programs

The City of Malibu offers three different Adult Sports Programs throughout the year:

  • Co-Ed Adult Softball League
  • Adult Beginner & Intermediate Tennis
  • Adult Open Gym Basketball

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