Pay or Contest a Parking Citation

Anyone who receives a parking citation within the Malibu city limits has the option to pay or contest the citation using the procedures outlined below.

NOTE: Parking restrictions posted within the Malibu city limits will be strictly enforced on all days, including weekends and holidays, unless specifically noted otherwise.

Pay a Parking Citation

Parking citations received in the City of Malibu can be paid online with a credit card, or by mailing a check or money order.

You may be eligible to enroll your citations in a monthly payment plan within 60 days of issuance, or within 10 days of an administrative hearing determination. The timeline for completion and minimum monthly amounts due are based on the total amount enrolled in a payment plan. There may be a processing fee for payment plans.

Payment plans are not available for citations on vehicles that are currently booted or towed.

Credit Card Payments:

To pay a citation with a credit card, go to our online payment system.

Search for your citation by entering the citation number or vehicle license plate number as shown on the citation.

Check or Money Order Payments:

Include a copy of the citation or indicate the citation number and license plate number of the vehicle on the front of the check or money order, and mail to:

City of Malibu
Parking Enforcement Center
P.O. Box 2081
Tustin, CA 92781-2081

Phone 800-553-4412

payment plan information

For information on applying for a payment plan, go to our online payment system.

Correctable Violations (Fix-It Tickets)

Some citations require action to correct violations, such as missing or improperly displayed license plates, or missing, expired or improperly displayed registration tabs.

Correctable Violations Procedures

Contest a Parking Citation

If you feel a citation was issued in error, the citation can be contested. There are up to a maximum of three steps to contest a citation, but completing the three-step process does not guarantee dismissal of the citation. Steps for contesting a citation:

  1. Request an Administrative Review
  2. Request an Administrative Hearing
  3. Final Appeal to Los Angeles Superior Court