Law Enforcement

The City of Malibu contracts with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for law enforcement services. The Malibu / Lost Hills Sheriff's Station provides law enforcement services to the City of Malibu and surrounding jurisdictions.

Within the Lost Hills Station, the Sheriff's Department has specialized units to address specific issues in the communities it serves, including the Juvenile Intervention Team and Malibu Search and Rescue. Supplemental enforcement on local beaches is provided during peak summer months by the Malibu Beach Team, and the Volunteers on Patrol (VOP), which assists deputies with parking enforcement, traffic control, and disaster response.

Sheriff's Department Reports

Regular Monthly Crime & Traffic Reports

The City receives monthly activity reports from the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff's Station summarizing crime and arrest statistics, traffic incidents and citations, a Juvenile Intervention Unit (JIT), and noteworthy incidents. The crime and traffic reports include monthly summaries, as well as trend comparisons to the same month in the previous year and comparative year-to-date statistics.

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Crime Suppression Team 

On February 8, 2021, the City Council approved funding for a four-month trial, from March through June, for two additional Sheriff’s deputies to work as a Crime Suppression Team, addressing a variety of public safety concerns, including:

  • Conduct foot patrols of known transient encampments and engage individuals or take other necessary actions, as appropriate 
  • Assist local businesses with transient-related disturbances
  • Conduct traffic stops for various vehicle code violations and issue citations, as appropriate 
  • Assist other units as needed 

The Crime Suppression Team provided the City with weekly activity and statistical reports showing the impacts of the additional patrol.

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Following the overwhelming success of the Crime Suppression Team's work during the trial period, the City Council approved the addition of a permanent crime suppression vehicle to the City's contract with the Sheriff's Department for Fiscal Year 2021-2022.

Specialized Services

  1. Beach Team
  2. Juvenile Intervention Team
  3. Volunteers on Patrol (VOP)

The Malibu Beach Team, enhanced law enforcement presence provided by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, begins its annual summer enforcement on Memorial Day weekend and continues through the weekend after Labor Day. The goal of the Beach Team is to keep the beaches and highways safe for residents and the millions of visitors who come each year to enjoy Malibu's beaches.

A primary focus of the Beach Team is to eliminate the consumption of alcohol at the beaches, which results in a significant reduction in the number of assaults, rescues made by lifeguards, and injury accidents on the highways.

Learn more about laws applicable to local beaches.