2021 Parks and Recreation Month

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We’re celebrating Park and Recreation Month this July by highlighting the stories of how our communities are stronger, more vibrant, and more resilient because of parks and recreation. July is the perfect time to see what your local parks and recreation have to offer and share your stories about what parks and recreation mean to you.

National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) encourages all people that support parks and recreation to share their park and recreation story on social media using #OurParkAndRecStory.

For more information visit NRPA.org/July.


What is your Parks and Rec Story?

City of Malibu Mayor, Paul Grisanti - “Join us during Parks and Recreation Month in July to celebrate the ways that parks and recreation programs and staff make Malibu stronger, more vibrant and more resilient,” said Mayor Paul Grisanti. “Malibu is fortunate to have such excellent programs for residents of all ages, from sports and summer camps, to music, arts and culture. Our community is filled with lifelong memories that were created in our parks during family picnics, playing sports, learning new skills and experiencing nature.”

Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Georgia Goldfarb - "Seaside beaches nestle against stunning mountains, an inescapably beautiful place.  City parks flourish with more flowering native plants and wildlife each year.  Charmlee has been revitalized and trails restored.  Skatepark present!  So many offerings from our excellent Parks and Recreation staff with activities in arts, with seniors, swimming, ball parks.  Too many to describe.  Here’s the guide, please enjoy. Deep breath and exhale. Peace."

Super Soccer Stars Regional Coordinator Keeley Koger - "Parks and Recreation is an open space for the community to express themselves and get involved and active. It is always important for people to feel they have an outlet to be free and creative. Parks and Recreation provides a safe place for people to engage with nature, learn social skills, and create life-long healthy habits."

Mother and son, Jeni and William - “The amazing programs through Parks and Recreation have provided our family with educational and recreational activities and events in our own small community that we would otherwise have to drive to another city to experience. The programs are often free of charge or very low cost which makes all of the unique opportunities not only convenient but affordable. William says he would have even driven out of state for some of the programs! It is so important to have events in our own community to help form connections and friendships here in Malibu. We have made some of our closest and dearest friends through attending park classes and events. We are a small town so it is so important to have community classes and events to strengthen relationships and keep our little town strong.“

Community Services Department Part-time Staff Videos

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Loren loves to provide opportunities to the community to "exercise, socialize and just have fun!"

Bryanna grew up participating in Parks and Recreation programs and says "Parks and Recreation is fun for all ages."

Amanda is a lifeguard with the City of Malibu.  Through the Parks and Recreation aquatics programs,  she has found a way to combine her love of swimming with the joy of teaching the community how to swim and keep them safe while at the pool. 

Watch and listen to Malibu Community Services Department staff talk about their park and recreation story!

Park and Recreation Month: Our Community Poem

Submit a poem about parks and recreation by July 9. Bestselling author Kwame Alexander will combine lines from your poems and create one community poem made up of our many voices that will be read online at the end of July and at the 2021 NRPA Annual Conference in September.

Submit your poem to here