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Dark Sky Ordinance
Malibu Dark Sky Proposed Ordinance

Project Overview

The Dark Sky Ordinance would regulate outdoor lighting through the adoption of comprehensive citywide outdoor lighting standards into Title 17 (Zoning) of the Malibu Municipal Code.

The goals of the ordinance are to:
  1. Provide safe and effective levels of outdoor lighting; 
  2. Curtail light pollution to preserve enjoyment of the night-time sky and the City’s rural environment; 
  3. Avoid impacts to wildlife and natural habitats; and 
  4. Promote the City’s goal of conserving energy and natural resources. 
In 2013, the City Council initiated Zoning Text Amendment No. 13-005 to establish a citywide outdoor lighting ordinance. The City has contracted with the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) to assist in formulation of the ordinance. IDA’s first task was to prepare a report (see below) analyzing the pros and cons of the Model Lighting Ordinance (MLO) and Pattern Outdoor Lighting Code (POLC), two of the best templates for lighting codes. In April 2014, the City Council determined that staff, in close coordination with IDA, should prepare a modified version of the MLO for Malibu.

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Public Review Process
Currently, the ordinance is being reviewed by the Zoning Ordinances Revisions and Code Enforcement Subcommittee (ZORACES). Due to the complexity of lighting regulations, the ordinance will be reviewed in two parts: residential and non-residential lighting regulations. Once drafted, a public workshop will be scheduled covering environmental and security aspects of lighting, the draft ordinance and public comment. After public input is received and the draft ordinance is complete, the new lighting standards will be scheduled for public hearing by the Planning Commission, followed by the City Council for adoption.

Public Meetings
The following list of public meetings includes links to agenda item materials, including reports and presentations. For City Council meeting videos, visit the Public Meeting Video Archive webpage. For other meeting materials, including meeting minutes and public correspondence, visit OnBase    

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