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Keep It Clean, Malibu
A murky mix of car oil, pesticides, and dog waste or natural rainwater?

Let's protect our blue backyards and underwater neighbors from urban runoff. Malibu is home to the largest Area of Special Biological Significance (ASBS), which protects clean water and wildlife by prohibiting polluted runoff from reaching the beach.

You can help by preventing pollution to our beaches from the following sources:
  • Runoff from washing your car
  • Pet waste
  • Lawn chemicals
  • Construction debris and litter
  • Flows from overwatered landscaped areas
  • Pool or water feature drainage to the street

These pollutants add up and can reach the beach when they are washed into a storm drain or creek! The City's award-winning campaign includes a Storm Drain Art Project and short videos featuring an urban mermaid and Mayor Skylar Peak. Take the pledge to Keep It Clean, Malibu!

Malibu ASBS

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