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Ocean Friendly Gardens
Your yard can prevent ocean pollution and protect marine life. An Ocean Friendly Garden (OFG) can stop runoff from leaving your property and it requires less water. Irrigation water and even rain can become harmful as it leaves your yard and heads to the ocean picking up pollutants from the street as it goes.

Hillsides can contribute to polluted runoff when water quickly flows over compacted soil or washes away dirt from an eroding slope. Water flowing down the street or a compacted or eroding hillside can transport fertilizers, pesticides, animal waste, dirt, and debris into the nearest waterway and ocean. Alternatively, an OFG traps this water and uses it to nourish your plants while the soil filters pollutants.

Local Gardens
  • Residents Plant Ocean Friendly Gardens - See what neighbors have done in their yards.
  • Legacy Park - A 17-acre cleaning machine that keeps pollution out of Malibu Creek, Malibu Lagoon, and Surfrider Beach. 
  • Bluffs Park - The City and West Basin Municipal Water District planted a demonstration garden to educate the community.

The Garden at Bluffs Park

Bluffs Park demonstration garden was constructed to allow people to see 
OFG principles in action and encourage residents to practice them in their own yards. The project was funded through the State Water Resources Control Board Proposition 50 grant with contributions from the City of Malibu, West Basin Municipal Water District, Los Angeles County Waterworks District 29, and the generous support of materials and services from the community. Before and after photos on Facebook


Newsworthy Articles
The garden project, completed in Spring 2013,
 features drought-resistant plants, dry creek beds 
to retain rain, and intimate gathering areas. 

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