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Santa Monica College - Malibu Campus Project
Project Status

On February 29, 2016, the Planning Commission held a duly noticed public hearing and adopted Resolution No. 16-30 approving Coastal Development Permit No. 13-056 and the associated entitlements for the project. In addition, the Commission adopted the   Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) including the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program. Subsequently, on April 11, 2016, the Malibu City Council approved an increase in Floor Area Ratio (FAR) from 0.15 to 0.20 based on the significant public benefits provided by the Santa Monica College – Malibu Campus project. The City filed the Notice of Final Local Action with the California Coastal Commission and was subsequently appealed by two parties, the Malibu Township Council and the Malibu Coalition for Slow Growth. The "substantial issue" Coastal Commission hearing has not been determined.
Project Overview
The Santa Monica Community College District is proposing a Santa Monica College (SMC) Malibu Campus located at 23555 Civic Center Way in Malibu, in the former Los Angeles County Sheriff's Station. The proposed project will include the demolition of the existing building and the construction of a new, 2-story, above-grade, approximately 27,500 square foot educational facility, including an approximately 5,700 square foot Sheriff's substation and Emergency Operations and Planning Center on the ground floor.

The SMC Malibu Campus also proposes an interpretive center to support Legacy Park or other programs to highlight Malibu's unique coastal environmental and cultural history. The project will also include ancillary improvements within the project site associated with pedestrian and vehicular access, surface parking, open space, landscaping improvements and relocation of onsite utilities.

Consistent with the City's policy for Environmental Health Review of Development Projects within the Civic Center Prohibition Area, the proposed project plans to connect to the existing onsite wastewater treatment system currently serving the Los Angeles County Civic Center complex. The project proposes to connect to the City of Malibu's planned wastewater treatment facility for the Civic Center area when it becomes operational.

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