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La Paz Ranch Project
Project Overview & Status
On November 10, 2008, the City Council held a duly noticed public hearing on two La Paz Ranch development entitlements. The first entitlement request, Coastal Development Permit (CDP) No. 05-106, was the 0.15 floor area ratio (FAR) project for construction of 99,117 square feet of commercial office and retail uses. The second entitlement request, CDP No. 05-107, was the 0.20 FAR Development Agreement project for construction of 112,058 square feet of commercial office and retail uses and a 20,000 square foot City Hall complex. The 0.20 FAR project provided the developer with an additional 12,941 square feet of commercial square footage and allocated 20,000 square feet to the City for a future City Hall complex or some other municipal use to be determined by the City.

The net increase of commercial floor area directly benefiting the applicant, 12,941 square feet, represents an approximate 13 percent increase in floor area for the provided public benefit. The public benefit includes: 1) 2.3 acres in the Civic Center Area to be conveyed to the City for the purpose of a City Hall; 2) $500,000 contribution to the City Hall construction fund; 3) a pedestrian and bike path from City Hall throughout the project connecting to Civic Center Way; 4) dedication of a trail segment fronting along Civic Center Way; and 5) architectural plans for the proposed City Hall.

The 0.20 FAR project included two legislative requests that required a Local Coastal Program Amendment (LCPA): 1) the Development Agreement; and 2) the Town Center Overlay (TCO). The Development Agreement is the mechanism to allow the increase in allowable FAR from 0.15 to a 0.20 for a public benefit. The TCO is the mechanism to create specific development standards for the subject property.

The applicant applied for both the 0.15 and the 0.20 projects since the 0.20 FAR entitlement required approval from the California Coastal Commission and could potentially be denied. On November 10, 2008, the City Council approved both projects.

Since that time, the applicant has submitted an application for CDP No. 14-036 for intersection improvements to the Cross Creek Road / Pacific Coast Highway intersection. These improvements implement Mitigation Measure K-2 which is a required condition of approval for both of the La Paz Ranch CDPs. Information on CDP No. 14-036 can be found here: Cross Creek Road / PCH Intersection Improvement Project.

Environmental Review
The Revised Final EIR was certified by City Council in 2008. An Addendum was prepared in 2015. The Revised Final EIR and Addendum are available for review using the links below, and at Malibu City Hall and the Malibu Public Library. Copies of CDs may be purchased upon request at City Hall by contacting the Planning Department at 310-456-2489, ext. 374.

Addendum to Final Revised EIR - April 2015
An Addendum to the Final Revised EIR has been prepared to add detailed information pertaining to implementation of Mitigation Measure K-2 (Cross Creek Road / Pacific Coast Highway Intersection Improvements Project). 

Addendum - April 2015

For Information on the coastal development permit for these improvements (CDP No. 14-036) can be reviewed here: Cross Creek Road / PCH Intersection Improvement Project

Final Revised EIR - July 2008

Certification of the Final EIR, Statement of Overriding Considerations, and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program for the 0.20 FAR Project - November 2008

Certification of the Final EIR, Statement of Overriding Considerations, and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program for the 0.15 FAR Project - November 2008

Cover Page
Title Page
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Executive Summary
3.0 Project Description
4.0 Overview of Environmental Setting
5.0 Environmental Impact Analysis Introduction 
    A.     Aesthetics/Views
    B.    Air Quality 
    C.    Biological Resources
    D.    Cultural Resources
    E.    Geology and Soils
    F.    Hydrology and Water Quality 
    G.    Land Use and Planning
    H.    Noise
    I.      Public Utilities
    J.    Public Service
    K.    Transportation and Circulation
    L.    Environmental Hazards
6.0 General Impact Categories
7.0 Alternatives to the Proposed Project
8.0 Preparers of the EIR and Persons Consulted
9.0 Response to Comments
10.0 Mitigation Measures - Revised November 2008

Technical Appendices

Table of Contents
Appendix A - Notice of Preparation and Responses
Appendix B - Letters from Public Service and Utility Agencies
Appendix C - Air Quality and Notice Technical Report
Appendix D - Biological Impact Assessment
Appendix E - Geotechnical Investigation Reports
Appendix F - Wastewater Feasibility Analysis and Conceptual Septic Plans
Appendix G - Traffic Impact Study
Appendix H - Archaeological Surveys (contact Staff)
Appendix I thru M - See revised dated July 2008

Revised Technical Appendices - July 2008

Revised Final Technical Appendices Part 1 (D-1, F-1, I, and J) 
Revised Final Technical Appendices Part 2 (K-Onsite Wastewater System Review)  Revised Final Technical Appendices Part 3 (L-Wastewater Management Plan) Revised Final Technical Appendices Part 4 (M-Public Agency Correspondence)

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