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Malibu Green Room
The City Greens Itselfsustainability books
The City of Malibu intends to lead by example and empower its residents, business owners, builders, and community organizations to tread more lightly on the earth by living, building, working, and playing in a smarter way that reflects the City's stewardship of its treasured coastal resources. The Malibu Green Room is your one-stop resource for all things "green" in the City. Connect with the Environmental Sustainability Department on Facebook and Twitter.

Green Pages
Get involved and find out what you can do to be more environmentally friendly.


Malibu Area Conservation Coalition - public agencies dedicated to providing effective programs, environmental education and outreach.
Malibu Chamber Environmental Committee meets monthly every 3rd Thursday at 4:00 PM
Water Agencies - West Basin Municipal Water District and LA County Waterworks District 29

 Bluffs Park Ocean Friendly Garden  Malibu Public Library
 Broad Beach Road Biofiltration  Paradise Cove Stormwater Treatment Facility
 Las Flores Creek Park
 Road Improvements for Civic Center area
 Malibu City Hall
 Solstice Creek Bridge Replacement
 Malibu Legacy Park
 Wildlife Road Treatment and Outreach

 Area of Special Biological Significance
 Environmental Health electronic submittal
 Citywide Solid Waste and Recycling  Environmental Purchasing Policy
 Coastal Engineering and Geology electronic submittal
 Universal Waste at City Hall

City of Malibu