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Water Conservation
 Drought Tolerant Garden Handbook
 Pollution Prevention Hotline
 Gardener Resources
 Rain Water and Graywater
 Landscaping and Gardening

Recycling and Trash
 Construction and Demolition Debris  Recycling and Resource Recovery
 Household Batteries 
 Reducing Wasted Food & Packaging 
 A guide for food services and restaurants
 Keep Your Trash Out of Sight
 Bins allowed on the street only during specific hours
 Special Events Recycling

 Plastic Bag Ban  What Can Be Recycled
 Polystyrene Foam Ban    

Habitat Protection and Restoration
 Living Lightly Guide - An online guide to help reduce negative human impacts on our ecosystem
 California Marine Protected Areas - California Marine Sanctuary Foundation
 California Grunion: Facts and Expected Runs 2014 - California Department of Fish & Wildlife
 Kelp Wrack and Life on Sandy Beaches Brochure - K. DeLeuw, Community Environmental Council
 Kelp Wrack: Hopping with Life in Los Angeles County - Jenifer E. Dugan, University of California Santa Barbara
 Educational Resources - Santa Barbara Coastal Long Term Ecological Research



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